We view our Liners as more than just buses. With their premium seating comfort and modern, wi-fi equipped technology, you’re sure to love riding them. We’ve got two types of Liners, and here’s what you should know about each of them:

Our premier city-to-city express bus service, CityLiner combines low fares you love, space age comfort, and reliability you can count on. All CityLiners include:

  • Star & StarPlus cabins (StarPlus subject to availability)
  • Premium, reclining seating
  • Free wi-fi enroute
  • Drinks & snacks available for purchase
  • Friendly, punctual service
GameLiner is our game day express bus service, with schedules that match your own and reliability to get you to the game without having to worry about driving or parking. GameLiner services can be booked directly through our website, and all GameLiners include:
  • Star & StarPlus cabins (StarPlus subject to availability)
  • Premium, reclining seating
  • Friendly, punctual service
AirLiner is our express airport service with schedules that match your own! You'll love the flexibility of AirLiner to carry you to and from your flight, without the hassle of traffic or airport parking. AirLiner services can be booked directly through our website, and all AirLiners include:
  • Star® cabin service
  • Spacious onboard seating
  • Friendly, punctual service
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You'll love our range of fare options designed to take you farther, faster.


The entire Starline crew is dedicated to making your journey smooth and successful!


With great routes across our network, you’ll love the convenience of traveling by Starline.

Cruise to Kickoff.

Take your tailgate on the road with our express GameLiner service to College Station and Tuscaloosa for home football games! With no traffic to fight or parking to pay for, your day is a win with Starline!