Our buses combine modern efficiency with luxurious comfort that we're confident you'll enjoy! Onboard, you will discover 2 by 2 seating in all cabins, free wi-fi, air conditioning, and individual reading lights. Additionally, on most CityLiner services, there will be a Starline crew member onboard offering food and beverages for sale, while ensuring your comfort and safety along the journey.

Due to operational limitations, we cannot guarantee the quality or presence of the wi-fi signal and are not liable for our any information transferred via the wi-fi network. For more information, please refer to the Starline Travels terms and conditions and our FAQs

Learn more about our destinations where you can enjoy the Starline onboard experience on our Tuscaloosa or College Station Stop pages!

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Take your tailgate on the road with our express GameLiner service to College Station and Tuscaloosa for home football games! With no traffic to fight or parking to pay for, your day is a win with Starline!